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Richard Sweet: A Loss To The Entire Billiards Community

23 Nov 2013
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Richard Sweet was just as his name implied - a sweet and sincere man. I feel lucky that I was able to get to know him as much as I did, but still wish I had gotten to know him better. He was the type of guy who would sit and talk with you for hours, about anything and everything. He loved people and pool.

"A true billiard angel, our game has suffered a tremendous loss."
- Rockin' Robin (AzBilliards)

I actually have Richard to thank for my pool table, a 9 ft. Kim Steele supplied to me by his son-in-law, Clent McCullough. Richard was also the one who taught me how to clean my table. He told me to take a towel, and drench it in Woolite and water, then wring it out until it's barely damp. I'm sure it doesn't matter what kind of detergent you use, but to this day I have not strayed. Woolite's what he told me to use, so that's what I use. I remember him telling me to put some elbow grease into it - that I wouldn't hurt the felt. Definitely works like a charm!

One of my last memories of Richard was when I set up a charity pool tournament for UPS. I remember pacing the UPS building, chatting with him for hours in preparation. He had so many ideas, fun games, ways to raise money....he was like a little kid. We all knew he was sick, but he never acted like it. He was definitely one of a kind and continues to be missed like crazy by all that knew him.

RIP - Richard Sweet

Billiards World Mourns Loss Of Richard Sweet

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Betty Sessions Lea with Richard accepting her trophy for winning the first Mr. Cue's Ladies tournament of 2008.

Richard Sweet

Me with Mandy Sweet after winning the Richard Sweet Memorial APA Event in 2011